Get training about the most popular open source digital forensics platform from the people who built it. Basis Technology is the most authoritative source for Autopsy Training material.

Attend online or in-person training to learn about the most efficient ways of using Autopsy. All courses provide a certificate of completion to use towards CPE credits.

Autopsy Basics and Hands On (8-Hours)

Online or in-person

This course is a great 1-day introduction to Autopsy for examiners who already know the fundamentals of digital forensics.  We won’t have time to cover things what an MD5 hash is.

Instead, we’ll focus on making cases, adding data sources, and how to analyze data.  We’ll cover how to configure hash sets, search for keywords, correlate with past cases, and more.

The course mixes video lectures with hands-on labs.

Online In-person


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