Custom Development for Autopsy®

Basis Technology’s ground level expertise and development know-how with the Sleuth Kit and Autopsy enable us to efficiently build modules resulting in a customized solution for your your team’s investigation and frees your engineers for other critical activities.

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Work with us to customize three general types of modules:

File Analysis

These custom modules focus on file content and attributes, flagging suspicious files, extracting data from rare file formats, applying proprietary detection techniques, and interacting with correlation databases.

Reporting Module

These modules organize digital forensic analysis results into a report. Custom reporting modules can produce output in formats that are required by your organization.

Graphical Analytics Display

These modules leverage analytics and visualization to improve the efficiency of examinations, including timeline visualization of large numbers of events and graphical image sorting.

The Autopsy team is available to provide custom module development. Use the form below to tell us more about your project needs: