Law Enforcement Bundle for Autopsy

Accelerate CSAM investigations using the Law Enforcement Bundle, modules that extend Autopsy by integrating the latest data from Project VIC and C4P/All. Automatically identify and categorize known child exploitation images in the systems you examine.

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Project VIC is a collaborative effort made up of member agencies of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces, federal agencies, nonprofit, and corporate partners. Project VIC breaks down domestic and international law enforcement agencies’ data silos by aggregating image data in the form of robust image hash values. This creates an ecosystem of information and data sharing that more quickly and effectively identifies victims and perpetrators.

C4P allows investigators to maintain a centralized hash database of pictures and movies across the child exploitation cases they have worked. It provides an interface to categorize and store hash values from the video and image files extracted by a digital forensics program, which can in turn query the database for matching hashes. C4P can also be used to de-duplicate images and videos found in the same case to reduce the number of files to review.

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National, state, or local law enforcement agents of any USA-recognized government are eligible.