Autopsy for Special Operations and Field Analysis


Medium-Dive MEDEX

At the 2014 SOFIC (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) we demonstrated how Autopsy could be used in conjunction with text analytics to gather better intelligence in the field.

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Military and law enforcement groups that encounter digital media in the field often have two options:

  • Perform a high-level triage in the field, limiting the search to predefined items
  • Send the media to a lab for a deep dive analysis, which could take days, weeks, or longer

Autopsy provides a flexible and optimized medium-dive solution for gathering intelligence during the critical 2-hour post-acquisition window.

  • Enables mission- and case-specific in-depth searches
  • Provides opportunities for extensive keyword searching, file carving, fuzzy hashing, and hashset analysis that is not limited by device subset or hard coded locations
  • Allows ad-hoc keyword searches based on names and concepts that are mentioned by suspects and witnesses.
  • Can perform advanced text and image analytics.

As the premier open source digital forensics platform, Autopsy is trusted by military and law enforcement organizations worldwide, and is ideal for medium-dive exploration.

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Supports hard drives, media cards, and cell phones
  • Provides results ASAP – user content analyzed in a 2-hour window
  • Extensible and modular – enables GOTS and custom COTS to be integrated based on the needs of a specific mission

Text Gisting in Action