Collaborate on Cases with Autopsy 4.0


At the Open Source Digital Forensics Conference last week, we announced the launch of Autopsy 4.0, the free and open source digital forensics platform that now adds major features promoting collaboration. As a result:

  • Multiple examiners can work on the same case at the same time, and see what other examiners are doing.
  • Examiners have access to real-time information via network-based services, including a central database and keyword index.

Why did we add these features to Autopsy? We’ve learned that digital forensic examiners working on large and complex cases need to share results from investigations in real time. Those required to deliver a fast turnaround, meanwhile, need to contextualize team members’ work.

The challenge they encounter is that commercial software enabling collaborative work can be cumbersome and expensive. By contrast, the network-based services used by Autopsy are free and widely supported. This means that a lab can effectively perform collaborative examinations using only free and open source software.

Autopsy comes with an intuitive Windows-based workflow, support for many computer and smartphone file systems, timeline analysis, file carving from unallocated space, EXIF data and email extraction, and more to support a broad range of digital investigations.

Autopsy is also customizable. Basis Technology has worked with customers to support different data sources, formats, and workflows, while users have written custom modules for use in forensic laboratories and field-based extractions.

Autopsy boasts tens of thousands of users around the world in the law enforcement, intelligence, cybersecurity, legal tech, and other investigative professions.

Download version 4.0 for free today at and start collaborating!