Autopsy Training following Open Source Digital Forensics Conference



Basis Technology is offering an Autopsy training class directly following the Open Source Digital Forensics Conference ( in Chantilly, VA.  This is part of an initial push to establish the premier training program for this powerful open source digital forensics tool.

AutopsyFor those who have already downloaded and tried Autopsy (and there are over 13,000 people who have done so for the current version) or those who have seen us present at conferences, you may be wondering why you need the training. After all, we’ve designed Autopsy to be easy to use and intuitive out of the box.  The reason you want to attend this training is that you’ll learn about what is going on under the covers. Anyone can press buttons, but to testify about a tool, you need to understand what happens when you press the button.

You know you’ll get all of the details because it will be taught by a combination of engineers and examiners. The current plan is to combine the use case experience from one of our examiners with the implementation details from one of our engineers (likely Brian Carrier).


The course spans two days and includes both lectures and hands-on examples. Computers are provided with the training.  During the class, we’ll cover:

  • Autopsy set-up and overview
  • In-depth coverage of each of the ingest modules, including:
  • Views and how to use them.
    • Keyword Search
    • Hash Lookup
    • Recent User Activity (registry, web, etc.)
    • EXIF
    • Archive Extractor
  • Tagging and reporting
  • Hands-on case study with tutorials and problem sets
  • Harnessing automation and workflow feature

Register for training:


The current incarnation of the Autopsy training class does not provide a certification.   We understand the benefits of being certified to use a tool and are working towards defining the criteria of the certification so that it is viewed as a respectable level of achievement. If you interested in getting involved with this process after you attend the class, let us know.

Training for Developers

One of the key things that we talk about with Autopsy is its extensibility and how we designed it to be a platform for others to build modules for. We know we can’t solve everyone’s problems.  This 2-day course is designed for examiners who are going to use the tool. We didn’t forget about the developers though.

We have a ½ day workshop at OSDFCon about developing modules for Autopsy. Register soon for that event if you want to learn how to integrate your existing tool (or a new tool) into Autopsy.  This will enable you to reach a bigger audience and not have to worry about disk images and file systems.

Training for Trainers

At this point, we are doing all of the training ourselves. If you are interested in us coming to your site to conduct training, let us know. We will schedule more events for 2014 and feedback on where we have significant interest is important.

If you teach at a University and want to involve Autopsy in your curriculum, let us know. We are starting to provide some outreach on this topic and can facilitate sharing of curriculum materials between educators. Contact us if you are using Autopsy and want to share your resources with other educators.

Register for the training and get some more details at


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